Working with V7 Academy

We have incorporated V7 Academy online resources to support our training courses. We believe that lifetime access to these courses is invaluable, allowing our students to Learn pre course, continue their learning or just to brush up on skills and techniques learned on a UKCA course.

V7 Level 1

The V7 L1 supports our Intro to Canyoning course. Experience canyoning safely with the skills acquired from this FREE COURSE. Establish a solid foundation for your canyoning practice and become an active participant in canyoning descents. Develop safe habits for your canyoning career from the start with this hands-on online course.

V7 Level 2

As part of the Canyon Leader, you get lifetime free access to the V7 Academy Level 2 online course ($250rrp). The V7 Academy Level 2 online canyoning training course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to go canyoning independently into moderate-risk canyons. Become confident on rigging and situational awareness to practice canyoning safely anywhere in the world.

Canyoning training and technical knowledge in constant evolution. This is how V7 Academy approaches your training needs: offering the latest & updated canyoning technical skills right on your screen with content produced and curated by leading professionals in the industry.


Some canyoning technical knowledge can be found online but fails to provide updated technical knowledge, is not consolidated into a single source or doesn’t meet the demands of the community for international standards & best practices. V7 Academy comes to serve you as the source for contemporary, advanced canyoning technical knowledge and training. V7 Academy is a platform to answer your demands for quality canyoning content, created by canyoneers, for canyoneers.


Clear instructional videos teach you techniques being performed in the context of the canyon environment, in real case scenarios. See techniques being used in real canyoning descents.


The hybrid learning system allows you to receive access to feedback and insight from V7 Mentors through 1-on-1 video coaching sessions during and after the course. Get the best of both worlds.


From beginner to advanced, multiple canyoning skills and modules allow you to learn about subjects that complement your toolbox and make you a better canyoneer. Stay sharp with regularly updated content.


Canyoning courses that will open your mind: learn the absolute essentials for planning moderate-risk to advanced canyoning descents with focus on safety and efficiency according to international best practices. Get new skills on the most varied subjects, including rescue techniques, advanced rigging & teamwork. All content prepared by qualified & professional instructors and trainers. Register now and start for free.


Let’s face it: your time is precious. Traditional canyoning training courses are based on duration rather than knowledge acquisition, and require you to allocate various days and cope with the expenses of travel and accommodation during training. V7 Academy focuses on your growth and learning, not on classroom time. Here are some of the main differentials that V7 Academy brings to international canyoning training courses:


A unique online knowledge base for canyoning technical knowledge available to everyone. Access on your desktop or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.


Eliminate travel expenses or extended time off from your personal and professional responsibilities. Study from home & reduce your carbon footprint.


Get unlimited access* to the courses you enroll in. Watch it as many times as you want and review the knowledge before each season to sharpen your skills.


Learn international canyoning standards of practice. Technical modules are updated regularly according to your feedback, providing you with the latest canyoning technical knowledge available.


Filmed in the canyon, technical and specialty modules provide contextual visualisation to improve your situational awareness. No more imagining how techniques are applied in real life.


A built-in dedicated international canyoning social community for discussions, knowledge exchange and networking. Trade insights and contribute with the growth and development of canyoning.


With complete canyoning courses, numerous specialist modules, 1-on-1 mentorship from the professional instructors V7 Team, the most updated canyoning technical knowledge base on the web and free access to select content, your canyoning practice will reach new levels.